2017’s Best

The first half of my 2017 was definitely eventful while the other half was mostly about taking care of myself and making a lot of personal decisions. I did the Instagram best nine but it only showed a portion of what 2017 was all about, so here’s my best for 2017:

  1. Travel – Not a lot of people would understand when they say travel is a luxury. There’s always roughing it out or choosing cheap accommodations, and for others it’s just simply easy to fly out anywhere they wish. It really is a luxury — apart from the money, finding time to do it is not easy. This year I managed to do one domestic travel and two international travels. I don’t get to see much of the Philippines apart from work so it was a different experience to go out and not deal with work and just enjoy. A few weeks after that I went to Singapore over the weekend. Nothing special over that trip but it went by too fast. A few months later I flew to Thailand and saw more of the beautiful country. Left Bangkok and went to Chiang Mai and Khao Yai. It was a two week trip that didn’t feel enough. I remember going back home and being happy to see my bed but at the same time, missing the place. 2017 really blessed me with the capacity to travel and see all these places without any consequences. I booked these trips ahead of time and the timing was perfect for everything when I flew out. This year I planned on just going to one major trip (fingers crossed) sometime during my birthday. I don’t have my travel buddy anymore so planning things will be a bit more difficult. It’s not easy to just find someone to go someplace with.
  2. Work – My biggest 2017 plot twist! My new job is a lot different from my old one, but in a span of 10 months, I really felt that I have grown professionally. There are things you learn along the way. The set up of my new job is really different from the old one. The new one really taught me to come out of my shell and learn to handle things differently. It also gave me technical skills. I’m still adjusting to it but I’m getting better.
  3. Journaling – I have found my outlet! I have always been afraid to do journaling because when you Google “journaling”, you see these really creative and beautifully made journals. Intricate handwriting, wonderful use of colors, lots of nice drawings — that’s just not me at all. I would rather draw a square rather than draw a bunch of zigzags with no pattern. I live for order and cleanliness. But I did it anyway and tried. Overtime I have realized that I have my own style and it may not be the most creative or most Instagram worthy but it works for me and makes me happy.
  4. Friends – I got some new friends this year, all of varying ages and maturity. It’s nice to get a different perspective in life. I had one of the biggest challenges with one of my good friends which shook things up, but that was a slap of reality for me — that they can still choose me despite my shortcoming because they know me well (better than myself even). I found myself a support system that I didn’t think I would get.
  5. Skin – I got a bit vain later this year and worked on my skin. It was expensive, but I’m not gonna take it for granted. Now my skin is feeling and looking better and I know what to do on days that it acts up. Some days I don’t do my routine but I think about all the money and time I invested on it by studying it and how I will feel good about myself so I go back to doing it. I also learned what looks good on me and what doesn’t and learned that I’m fine with the way I am.

I realized a lot of things last year and the goal is to work towards it this 2018. It’s going to be less about making others happy and more about making me happy. I think that 2017 is giving in to others even though I would be stuck in a situation that made me feel appalled with myself. I made a lot of choice that solely relied on somebody else’s happiness and not mine. It made me happy knowing they were happy, but true happiness and contentment didn’t come until later when I finally learned to say no. That’s when I realized that I was mistaking validation for happiness. True happiness is on its way.

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