Greek Eats at Feta


If you are looking for an affordable and good place to satisfy your Greek food cravings, Feta is the way to go.


Their menu is pretty straightforward. You have your hummus plates, bread, main course, pasta, pizza, and desserts. The menu is designed with different facts about Greece which I found pretty cool and entertaining.


For my appetizer, I ordered the plain bread. It had a few sprinkles of sesame seed. As the name suggests, it’s just plain bread. It’s quite thick though and actually really filling. I had to remind myself that I ordered main course also.


I ordered chicken kebab. It came with garlic mayo sauce. I thought the kebab would be spicy but it wasn’t! The meat is soft and tender, but the garlic mayo sauce is just ordinary.


I really liked the margherita pizza! It has quite a lot of cheese but the taste isn’t overwhelming. I only had a slice because the rice kebab meal is filling.


My aunt got the pesto pasta and according to her, it’s good. It’s a little creamy and it had pieces of walnut. For a solo serving, you will definitely be satisfied.


For my drink, I ordered yogurt shake. It’s pretty good and it’s placed in a really huge cup. It’s not sour and sweet and despite me taking a long time to finish the whole drink, it didn’t taste watery by the end. I find this a good sign of shake because this means they didn’t skimp on adding flavor to the drink.

I’m super surprised at how cheap our bill is. It didn’t even reach Php 1,000! The menu also contained lamb, hummus, and mousakka, which I shall try the next time I go here.

Feta is located in 3rd floor, Festival Mall, Alabang. Food prices range from Php 160+ for most solo sized food and Php 250+ for food good for sharing.

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