Jacinto and Lirio: Planners for you and the environment

Planners are really great in keeping your life and schedule organized. In the past few years I would always start writing on my planner and then stop updating it after a few months. However now that things are busier for me, I’ve learned to keep my planner around so I can immediately write in appointments or deadlines. I’ve learned to appreciate how helpful they are!

The great thing with planners sold in the market today is that they try to add an extra spice to make it more interesting and enticing to others. Gone are the days wherein planners are just merely ruled lines with dates.

For Christmas, someone gave me a Jacinto and Lirio planner. I remember seeing it on Facebook and loving it immediately.


The planner is around the size of an A5 notebook (give or take a few inches) and it’s a little thick. While that can seem off putting to others, it’s because the planner acts as a planner and a wallet/pouch!



Lots of space for cards, coins, and cash. You can even fit in your earphones, and cellphones!

Another thing that I like about this planner is that it has no definite date/year. This can be a perfect gift at any time of the month, and if you are someone who tends to forget updating your planner, you can always start again the next month (or year). It’s up to you!


It also looks like a ring binder so once you are done with the planner you can use this as a notebook. πŸ™‚


The planner is divided weekly with dotted lines. If you’re into creative calligraphy, the space alloted per day is ample enough. In my case I just tend to write out my stuff, but I might work on being creative with my scheduling in the future.


Jacinto and Lirio planners are made in partnership with different brands such as Bayani Brew and Theo and Pilo. The front cover is made of water hyacinth — which is a really creative idea. As you know, these plants clog waterways and cause problems in rivers. By using them as covers, we help clear out the waters.

Jacinto and Lirio planners are available online through their website, Facebook page, and even on Lazada. For physical copies, they are available in various Fully Booked branches.

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