Birthday Dinner: Gino’s Pizza, Salcedo Village

I decided to have my birthday dinner in Gino’s because it’s barely a five minute walk from work and it’s also my first time there. I’ve read great reviews online and heard it’s a great place from most people. I heard about the line as well so we got reservations. However when we went in by 5 pm, the place was barely full but by the time we left at 6:30, the place was already super crowded!

Since there were only three of us eating, we ordered two pizzas and two pastas. My friend has been there and suggested the SMEGG and salted egg pasta, so we ordered that and added tomato basil pasta and sausage pasta.

The SMEGG pizza is really good! It was very filling as well. It doesn’t have that much of a distinct taste, but I like it a lot. It’s perfect when paired with their spicy honey sauce! I really liked their spicy honey sauce, by the way. It’s sweet and the spice comes as an after taste in a subtle way. It’s a good combo. The sausage pizza tastes differently from the SMEGG. With the SMEGG, you taste the sausage and egg greatly, whereas in the sausage pizza, it’s more subtle and has a more saucy taste. It was really yummy! It’s just a little surprising to eat after eating the SMEGG first.

I love their salted egg pasta! I’m not too keen on salted egg, but it blended really well with the pasta. Think carbonara mixed with salted egg.Β The tomato basil pasta is pretty good also. Again, it was a totally different taste compared with the salted egg. This one was of course, hadΒ a more saucy sour taste. Personally, I like the salted egg pasta better since it’s a new thing to my taste buds.

For dessert, we shared a slice of crack pie which I’m thankful for because that stuff was too sweet for me. It was good though, the small serving is enough to get the meaty aftertaste of the food.

Overall, Gino’s pizza has a really unique taste when it comes to their food. The SMEGG and salted egg carbonara are definitely new to the palate, but the sausage pizza and tomato basil had a unique “I’ve never tasted it this way” taste.

Price range runs from Php 200 – 500, whichΒ is just right. For three people, I had to take home half of the SMEGG and sausage pizza, and about 1/4 of the two pastas. The food is really filling.

Gino’s Pizza is the perfect place for friends who want to hang out over good food. The restaurant is tiny but very homely, and the lighting is really great too! Perfect for your food pictures and barkada pictures. πŸ™‚

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