Healthy Eats in Soya Bar

Taho was one of my favorite childhood food. I remember waking up early waiting for the taho vendor to pass by our house. Years have passed, and now the taho vendor doesn’t pass by our house. Actually, I don’t see any taho vendors at all here. I don’t think they do that anymore except in Baguio.

Which is why I was so excited to see taho being sold at Soya Bar!


They use bigger pearls compared to the ones being sold in the streets and in groceries. Still, it tastes pretty good! I can be a little sensitive to sweetness and I find theirs to just be the right amount of sweet. Their taho comes in hot and chilled options, and for my order I had the chilled one.

Besides taho, they also sell healthier and some vegan options for snacks. They also have a wide variety of soy milk drinks (soy milk tea and lattes) for you to enjoy.

I had the taho during my third visit, but during my first time there I had their grilled chicken sandwich (Php 100) and their Vanilla soy milk tea. My second visit I ordered their grilled chicken again.


I love their grilled chicken sandwich! It’s chicken with a bunch of diced vegetables. Half of the sandwich is already quite filling.


Their soy milk tea is also pretty good. Not a huge fan of the pearls (I’m still partial to Dakasi’s small pearls), but they’re good. They were a little too sweet for me, but for others it might just be enough. The good thing about here is that you can’t taste the soy milk too much? I know soy milk has a different taste from normal milk so I was expecting the taste to be really different but it isn’t.


Their place in Alabang isn’t too huge, but it’s really cozy! There are outlets available so you can do your work here while enjoying their food. The place is mostly filled with couches so it’s really comfortable.

I haven’t tried their other meals, but I’m definitely going back. I’m excited to try their nachos… And buy more taho!

Budget for this place ranges from Php 50-150.

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