Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream

I first saw Disney on Ice when I was seven or eight. At that age, I was super fascinated and excited at seeing my favorite Disney characters live. I even remember getting as many souvenirs as I wanted. I was a happy kid.

Fast forward to 2012, I was 18 and my Mom casually mentions we’re seeing Disney on Ice (with my younger cousins). I was surprised because I though the show was just a one time thing, but I’m thinking it might just be a re-show of what they did ten years (or so) years ago.

Since then Disney on Ice became a staple “Welcome to the New Year” show for me. I grew up watching Disney on VHS and I still patronize it up until now. Just like always, Disney on Ice never fails to take my breath away.

The theme for this year is Dare to Dream as various Disney characters/princesses achieved their dreams.

This was the opening stage! It looks really simple, and if you haven’t seen Disney on Ice ever, you’ll be in for a huge surprise!

We got Upperbox seats which is a little too far away for me, but it’s a pretty good area to see what’s happening overall since sometimes there are also effects coming from way up the stage. For the show later this year I’m opting to get Lowerbox or VIP tickets so I have a better view of the performers.

See you next year!

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