Wingstop Chicken

Having been a resident of Taft Avenue for almost four years, I’ve pretty much tasted all the food it has to offer. I remember being a freshman in college and being excited to try out new food places, even walking really far under the heat just so I can try them. Now that I’m an oldie, I usually just stick to wherever is convenient no matter how many times I’ve been there.

University Mall (U-Mall) is a place just beside uni that has a lot of restaurants. A lot of people eat there including schools around the area. Throughout my four year stay, they had various changes done with different restos opening and closing.

Last week, my friend and I tried out Wingstop, a new food place in U-Mall. It’s located where Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf used to be. I’ve heard of Wingstop from friends, but have avoided eating there because lots of people said it was overpriced. My friend and I couldn’t decide where to eat and decided Wingstop was the place to go considering it had a lot of branches internationally (mostly in the US such as Dallas, San Francisco, Raleigh, etc.).



Here is the interior of the restaurant. It’s really spacious because they closed the former smoking area of CBTL. I’m not sure how to describe the interior of the place… maybe grungy? I like how simple and open it is though. I don’t think the area will ever feel crowded.

Since their name hints that they serve good chicken wings, I ordered boneless chicken bites (I don’t eat wings). I ate there with my friend twice, and the first time I did, I got Hickory barbecue boneless chicken bites with cajun rice and garlic parmesan fries. The second time, I had a hickory barbecue and garlic parmesan boneless chicken bites with cajun rice (yes, I know I do lack the creativity with my food choices). The place offers eight sauces though and I’m sure there will be something that fits your fancy.




Photo: BBQ Boneless chicken bites with cajun rice (Php 180 meal), Garlic parmesan fries (Php 100), and cajun rice (Php 45) (not included is the chicken bites I ordered for my second time, eight pieces cost Php 175).

The food is pretty good. I wouldn’t say it’s overpriced since the chicken is made really well, one of the best chicken I’ve had in the metro. The chicken isn’t drenched in sauce so the crispiness retains, nor is the sauce sparse that you can barely taste it. They achieve the perfect balance between sauce, crispiness, and taste. The cajun rice is also delicious, it can stand alone without the chicken.

Service is really good too! The crew in U-mall were super friendly and welcoming! I also like their honesty in terms of suggesting what was really good, and they answered my questions well. Compared to other places, the crew would mostly say something vague and not help me decide at all.

Budget is around Php 200-300 for a meal. Local branches can be found here. US branches can be found here.

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